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Pacifica  Faasoa Well-Being & Suicide Prevention Programmes

As New Zealand's Pacific population expands, so does our Pacific community's ability to contribute to the country's health goals. As one of the leading health and wellbeing community groups in the region, it makes sense for us to consider what we can do to promote the healthy and resilient growth of Pacific communities. We are clear that we must both target present investments to segments with the most impact and increase our efforts to promote Pacific health and well-being growth. SnapBack's Pacific strategy's focus is on providing clear guidance on how we can empower Pacific people to be healthy, happy, and resilient.

Faasoa Well-Being Programme 

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Providing a Specific Faasoa well-being programme for Pacifica 

  • Empowerment

  • Weight Management

  • Nutrition

  • Self-care and holistic focus

  • Taking place in a private space that represents your culture.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the mana of Pacific peoples to be happy, healthy and resilient.

The majority of Pacific communities in Aotearoa New Zealand have socioeconomic challenges. They have the lowest median income, contributing to their socioeconomic hardship, and 40% live in overcrowded dwellings. Their health issues are exacerbated by poverty, and they suffer from respiratory ailments, diabetes, and poor mental health. Educational imbalances have an influence on their current and future lives, and they have the lowest rate of university admission by ethnicity. Pacific people continue to be over-represented in other consequences of disadvantage and hardship, such as data on drug misuse and family and sexual violence. A considerable proportion of Pacific communities in Manawatu are still experiencing socioeconomic hardship and have chronic health requirements that are influenced by social and economic factors. The impact of COVID-19 has only worsened these demands and will continue to have a negative influence on the current well-being, future health, and long-term development of these communities if focused measures to satisfy their specific needs are not made. Pacific communities' collective worldview is crucial to their existence; hence, our strategy is within a collective community.

Va 'nurturing the space'

 Building the quality of interconnections. Therapeutic logic that underpins being well and staying well (healing process in the pacific).Exploratory process of restoring ‘mana’ of the ideas that lay underneath all of our collective practices when it comes to healing and wellbeing. Emphasis on balance, symmetry and reciprocity. Samoan Proverb “teu le va’ – make the space between beautiful.


Kainga’ centric Collective cultural roots and practices is that we do not do this alone, we take our aiga’s on the journey, what benefits one must also benefit the family. It’s about home, security, sustenance and support. Cook Island Proverb "Tooku kaainga te marae rotopu i toku ai tupuna e tooku 'aanau. My home is the sacred centre of my ancestors and descendants"


Mana Centric - giving tools and resources to supporting positive energy. 

The aim is to stimulate the thinking of a ‘people submerged in a culture of silence to emerge as conscious makers of their own culture’.  To learn about themselves through themselves, this forms the basis of authentic empowerment. Maori proverb 'Toi tu te kupu toi tu te mana, toi tu te whenua' to hold fast to our culture, for without language, without mana (spirit) and without land, the essence of being Pasifika would no longer exist. 


Ofa - We share in compassion and empathy for all those that come through our doors. Tongan proverb ‘Ofa li’oa “basket of fishing that is given because of love, sharing the entire catch – even the basket, until nothing is left”


Tupu - We are committed to creating a space where our Pacific peoples flourish, thrive and grow Hawaiian proverb ‘ Malama e kupu auanei ka hua I luluia – perhaps hereafter the seed sown may spring up. (meaning planting the roots to flourish, thrive and grow).

Our Engagement Principles

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