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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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We run special education boxing classes for schools and other groups with great success we are now making more space to have more classes!

Seeing the fitness rates go up , the smiles get bigger , and laughter get louder, why wouldn't we!

We provide a safe space for each individual to come and be themselves and get fit while having fun.

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"Being active is a part of the Life After School programme and something that our whanau, students and staff view as important in our students lives, now and in the future. Giving them an opportunity to understand and experience how they could include being active into their daily lives was a goal for us and one that we achieved. The key to the students full participation in this programme were the activities themselves that were provided by Zenith Gym and the amazing encouragement, skill teaching and enthusiasm the coaches had. This rubbed off on our students who very quickly show the same level of enthusiasm to attend the gym. They participated fully, to the best of their ability and loved it.
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"One student preferred to observe. He slowly joined in and by the end of the two terms was participating fully. This is magic for us as this student has autism. Going to the gym was right out of his comfort zone, it was a new place, it was noisy and he was asked to participate with his peers when he normally prefers his own company. Another magic moment was seeing one of the students learn to manage his strength when boxing. This student too has Autism and when he is told to go "hard out" he really does so learning to manage his own strength when boxing was a magic moment for him and us. He commented on this in his review form"

"Changes we saw were full engagement, increase speed and agility in the circuit training, improved coordination, participation for the whole session, self management of strength, students ready and keen to attend the gym sessions"


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