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Working with the NZ Police


Snap BACK Boxing promotes itself to the community in order to reach tamariki, rangatahi and whānau and particularly those who resist mainstream education and are engaged or likely to be engaged with the justice system. It also assists whānau who are seeking support.

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Mission & Vision

Mission – To mentor the mana of all who participate and support them on their journey to live their greatest 

Vision – To Transform the lives of tamariki, rangatahi and whānau.


Snap BACK programs will engage young people in intentional, productive and constructive ways while recognizing and enhancing their strengths. These programs promote positive outcomes by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships and giving the support that is needed to develop young people’s assets and prevent risky behaviours.



We use horses to teach our Saua Programme about emotions and control



We provide many connecting to the land opportunities.



We build strong positive relationships with the Police.

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Police Feedback:

"The Palmerston North Youth Engagement team have been working alongside Snapback Boxing Gym for several years. In December 2021, I approached Charmaine and Filipo Saua of Snapback Boxing Gym about the possibility of establishing a Holiday Programme for the upcoming summer holiday period for youth who were at risk. The SAUA Holiday Programme was established shortly afterwards by Snapback Boxing gym to work with youth who were referred by the Palmerston North Youth Engagement team. The SAUA Holiday Programme was designed by Snapback Boxing Gym to support the mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of the youth. The programme offered the youth the ability to participate in boxing, fitness, swimming, fishing, education on nutrition, trips to farms and other recreational activities. The programme catered for twelve youth daily, over a period of 18 days for four hours a day. The programme allowed the youth to participate and be involved in activities that they have never been able to experience before and would likely not get the opportunity to do these activities again without on-going community support. The youth have improved their physical health and have developed healthy relationships with other youth and adults using positive role-modelling and mentoring that has been provided over the course of this programme. The changes in the youth from the beginning of the programme to the end have been greatly positive – they are able to speak to adults and discuss their worries in an appropriate manner without resorting to using actions, they are motivated to do well outside of the programme, relationships with friends and whanau have improved due to learning new coping mechanisms and more importantly their mental health has improved and they feel proud of themselves for challenging themselves in new activities. The support offered by Snapback Boxing Gym has changed lives and support whanau of youth who would not normally get this opportunity" Lucy Terry

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