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Whakamana Wahine

This programme is for young wahine ages 12 to 18 years who need support to build confidence, self esteem and mentorship.  Perfect for any young wahine with anxiety and other mental health barriors.

Community Programme for young women needing support with Mental health / confidence and empowernment using boxing as a tool. There is NO COST required.

"As a parent one of the hardest things to
watch your child go through is feelings of anxiety, depression, and thoughts of self-harm. The whakamana wahine programme has given my daughter back her spark, a love of life and a means to drive out any stressors. I have noticed improvement in her social skills, she wants to get involved and has taken it upon herself to offer support to others. Being physically active is soimportant to both physical and mental wellbeing and through this programme, my daughter has found an enjoyable way to exercise in a safe space where she feels comfortable and is supported."

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"I attended the Whakamana Wāhine classes at SnapBack in 2023. I attended these classes to help mainly with my mental health and my self confidence but it also improved my physical health and my mindset.
These classes made a positive impact for me by helping me gain heaps more confidence in my self and improving my mental health.
Before I started these classes at SnapBack I struggled really badly with self confidence, my confidence in general, talking in front of people , my mental health and more. After taking these classes my whole view on life has changed for the better , I feel like a better person and all round much happier and braver."

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