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Snapback boxing is a charitable trust established out of a love for fitness using boxing training and techniques.  Snapback uses boxing fitness as a channel to encourage old and young to train in a safe and friendly group environment with the goal of building self-esteem and confidence. 


The staff at Snapback have many years’ experience in the boxing arena and enjoy the comradery that training as a group brings.  The key to success is encouraging people of all ages and fitness levels to have a go and push themselves to be better people and to be upstanding and strong contributors to society. 


There is no judgement in this whanau atmosphere, only encouragement to be the best you can be and to feel good about yourself and your teammates.


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Our boxing ring strategy is designed on the philosophy of the seven kaupapa Māori values:
Wairua (Spirituality) We believe all things are embedded with a sacredness
Manaaki (Care) We create a culture of caring and inclusivity

 Whakawhanaungatanga (Relationships) We support positive relationships
 Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship) We keep each other safe
 Rangatiratanga (Leadership) We promote leadership of self and others
Oranga (holistic wellbeing) We encourage holistic wellbeing
 Āhurutanga (Safe space) We provide a disciplined safe space for all

Snap BACK Boxing promotes

  •  Creating positive life skills

  •  A sense of belonging

  •  An environment that is inclusive and values diversity

  •  A space to develop social skills with others

  •  Equal opportunities and access

  •  Safe environment to participate

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